Something Clever
Oh Another “I just Remembered..”

Around the same time as the book, I had a small Mach 5 car from the television show, Speed Racer. I got it from a cereal box, if you pulled it back it would drive on it’s own but it didn’t go very far. I took it to school one day by accident, and let my friend borrow it. I don’t know what he did with it but when we pulled it back to it could move forward it just flew cross the room. So still in class, we made a gigantic obstacle course for it to jump over. Our teacher actually helped us set it up! so it jumped over tables and chairs and landed safely in a small cup!! it look like a billion tries though lol! Anyway after that I would take that small car everywhere, I would lose it too, like in the lunch line or something, yet it would always turn up! Until one day, this girl i knew asked if she could borrow it, i don’t know why, but i was hesitant. She eventually used her girl like charms to make me change my mind. come lunch time it was raining like crazy, the girl approached me with a look on her face like she just killed someone. She sadly broke the news that the car went missing. I told her not to worry because I lost it a billion times and it always turned up the next day. That’s the thing though I didn’t lose it, so it never came back. Cut to around Christmas my other friend came up to me and gave me a present, and inside that box was a Mach 5 that was like 100 times the size as the old one, and all was forgotten! Although the box was crushed because he accidentally sat on it or something. Hahaha good times :)

I just remembered..

Back in 10th grade a teacher gave me this pretty small composition book that I had absolutely no use for, so I decided to draw a picture and have each of my friends draw something in it too. Before I knew it most of the class had already drawn something pretty unique in it. So eventually it got passed around the school, to people I hardly knew, and every week I’d get it back with brand new drawings, some of which were really impressive I might say. Sadly one week the book just didn’t return, my fault for being so careless about it. I guess someone really liked the idea of it and decided to keep it. All well as long as it’s not destroyed and someone is enjoying the art, then I’m content.

best gif ever.